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The amount of data generated in companies every day is huge. Storing, protecting and analysing this data is thus becoming a real Herculean task - which every company islegally obliged to do.

With ProLog, we offer you the data protection-compliant all-in-one solution for log management with SIEM functionality.

This way, you cover all technical and organisational measures (TOMs) resulting from the requirements of the EU GDPR with just one tool. 

Master the Herculean task of data protection. Thanks to IT security made in Germany.

With Log Management, all of your company's log data is collected in a central location, normalised and stored in a tamper-proof manner. Numerous regulatory requirements mandate the design and implementation of a log management solution. Learn more.

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) analyses and correlates this log data in real time. This allows complex events to be recognised in time, responsible persons to be informed by means of an alarm and countermeasures to be initiated.


Your advantages with ProLog at a glance

Immediate alerting of critical conditions in IT systems
100% compliance with the technical data protection requirements of the EU-DSGVO
CC-IT_Mannheim_Prolog_1_kl_C-C_IT_Mannheim_ProLog_Vorteile_01_Central Overview
Central overview of IT events
CC-IT_Mannheim_Prolog_1_kl_C-C_IT_Mannheim_ProLog_Vorteile_01_emergency hotline
24/7 emergency hotline
High integration capability in other IT security solutions
Maintenance & regular updates
CC-IT_Mannheim_Prolog_1_kl_C-C_IT_Mannheim_ProLog_Advantages_01_Data Forensics
Ideal basis for data forensics and case analysis
Simple, user-based licensing model

All in one package!

This is what ProLog offers:

Detailed documentation in two stages

  • Protection needs and risk analysis
  • Creation of a logging concept

The ProLog software

ProLog agents collect log data on the applications assigned to them. They can be administered centrally from the software.

Reporting and alerting packages

Reports and alerts for regulatory compliance and to ensure internal compliance requirements.

Maintenance & Updates

ProLog customers receive support to ensure that all regular changes to the GDPR are integrated into the software in a timely manner.

Want to learn more about how ProLog can benefit your business?

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Comprehensive & clear: The ProLog software

The dashboard provides a quick overview of the system status of all active ProLog agents, as well as all active ProLog users in the system.

The Event tab provides information about all collected events and log data.

Thanks to various alerts, system administrators are notified directly as soon as predefined events are recorded/recognised in ProLog (such as an unauthorised change in a specific file folder).

ProLog includes numerous standard report packages. Of course, individual reports can also be set.

Filters allow for quick and efficient repetition of certain checks, such as querying events or creating reports. They also serve as the main filter for scheduled ad-hoc reports, as the basis for alarms and much more.

Here, the personal events/data pseudonymised by ProLog can be displayed in plain text for a limited period of time. However, this requires sending a release request stating the reason for the desired depseudonymisation, which in turn triggers an n-eye request in the system.

This section details all n-eye requests that have been made in the system. These control processes reduce the risk of incorrect entries, as all changes in ProLog have to go through a revision process.

The tab for agents gives you an overview of all ProLog agents (active & inactive) that are available in the system. By selecting an agent, you can download it for all common operating systems and then install it on the corresponding application.

In the administration area, all settings for users, user groups, agents, pseudonymisation procedures, release procedures, updates and much more can be made.

This area provides information about all licences recorded in the system and the contact to Netzwerk Software GmbH (manufacturer).

24/7 Managed Security Services: the practical add-on for ProLog

We ensure your smooth day-to-day operations and are happy to support you with our Managed Security Services for ProLog.

Avoid data mishaps, not fines!

Data breaches have much more serious consequences than "just" fines. Let us work together to prevent data breaches in your company. We will be happy to advise you on our various implementation models.

We will provide you with an offer that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.